GoPro Firmware

Where and how to update your GoPro Firmware

GoPro Firmware Update

GoPro firmware update added key features that are critical for the high end films as well as for television broadcast production. It includes:

Given below are product update instructions for standard definition HERO cameras-:

Step 1: Copy/download Firmware Upgrade to the SD Card

Make sure that the serial number of your camera is less than the number given here: G1184993. The serial number of the camera can be seen printed inside its battery compartment. If that number is higher than the number given here, then it means that your camera is already containing the latest firmware and this download will not benefit you.

For a particular model, appropriate file should be downloaded. When the firmware is downloaded, make sure that this file is unzipped and you obtain a file with name as “Main.elf”. Insert a blank and freshly formatted SD card inside your camera. Connect the camera with your computer with the help of a USB cable. Now, “Main.elf” file has to be dragged onto the root level of SD card. After the file is copied onto the SD card, camera can be disconnected as normally you would do. If you are having cad reader, it can be used for copying the files onto SD card also.

Step 2: Firmware Upgrade should be loaded into Camera

Before starting this step, make sure that the camera is switched off. Check that its battery is new or fully charged. It is very important because if firmware upgrade gets interrupted for any kind of reasons, your camera will become inoperable. If it is not already there in the camera, you have to insert a SD card with firmware upgrade loaded. The power button should be pressed and released. Now press and keep holding the shutter as well as the power button till red light starts flashing quickly. Once the red light starts flashing quickly, release both the buttons. Your camera’s red light will still keep flashing and that is an indication that the firmware is loading in the camera’s memory. This may take about 5 to 10 seconds. LCD screen will still be powered off while the firmware is uploading. After the loading on new firmware is done, camera will turn off itself.

Now you camera will be using new firmware features because of gopro firmware update, because of which you will get following benefits:

To get the best performance, it is recommended to use SDHC cards with high write speed. This is because using slow write speed cards can cause: